Heaven in a heartbeat

Or, more specifically, heaven in 13 minutes!

Short on time? Whether it’s a coffee morning at school or your best friend’s birthday party, you have no reason to worry. Choose your favourite flavour, peel back the packaging and pop into the oven.

Yell “Hey Siri! Set a timer for 13 minutes,” and off you pop to get ready.

So good no one will ever know you didn’t make them from scratch.

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Homemade goodness, without the cleanup

There’s nothing so irresistible as the harmony of the oven timer after a hard day’s work.

Time for the trusty, “Hey everyone, here’s one I made earlier!”

Let your loved ones tuck into the scrumptious delight of Kitchen After Dark cookies. Brownie points (or should we say cookie points?) for days!

And the best part?

No baking. No mess. As easy as store-bought goods, with the delectable flavour of homemade goodies

Baking Made Easy

Romantic walks to the kitchen

Relationship status: in the midst of a romantic love affair with Kitchen After Dark.

Imagine romantic walks to the kitchen, inhaling that sweet, sensational flavour of baked cookie dough.

And it’s not like we can blame you!

Easy and convenient, each pack contains eight fresh, pre-portioned domes of cookie dough that can be put straight into your pre-heated oven.

Scrumptiously splendid, Kitchen After Dark fans can choose from four indulgent flavours to tickle your tastebuds and satisfy your sweet tooth.

The perfect recipe for a love affair you’ll never forget.

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