The Rise of a Baker

Clinton is far too down-to-earth for a humblebrag, so we’ll do it for him! The man, the myth, the legend. Clinton is the face behind Kitchen After Dark, and the one who makes it all happen. Here’s what Clinton has to say for himself: “Kitchen After Dark is a culmination of love and celebration. It’s the heart of my home. We cook here, laugh here, shed tears of joy and wipe away tears of sorrow.”

So, how did a kid born and raised in the Bronx, New York start a cookie company in Melbourne? Flashback to a 12-year-old Clinton. That’s where it all began:

“Living in the Bronx, it was my first summer home alone without my three older sisters. My mother gave me $5 each day to buy food from the bodega. Perhaps fortunately for me now, I quickly realised that if I ate at home, I could spend the money on video games.

I made it my mission to learn how to cook. I endured a few horrendous meals and I had to scrub more than a few burnt pots, but I kept my eyes on the prize, a new video games and didn’t give up. Little did I realise; it was the beginning of my love affair with the kitchen.”  

Fast forward to 2018, Clinton has a beautiful wife and children and hasn’t lost his love for cooking! Since leaving the Bronx, Clinton has travelled to many different countries and tried many different cuisines. This has only deepened his love of creating and sharing great food with great people. His family is now settled in Melbourne, the birthplace of Kitchen After Dark. Here, he has surrounded himself with a community of people from all nations, of all colours, and with all lifestyles. But despite any perceived differences, everyone connects over food. Whether feasting at weddings or birthdays, snacking at welcome party, he brings people together to celebrate each other, to celebrate the big wins and the small. Clinton says, “It’s my love of cooking that supports me in bringing people together. I whip up a storm of savoury dishes and sweet treats, then we spend time together, enjoying the smell and taste of good food.”

Since launching, Kitchen After Dark Clinton has achieved some huge milestones, including being featured in cafes and restaurants across Melbourne for his delicious cookies.

According to Clinton, “a huge milestone for us was being able to expand our offering from cakes and cookies for friends to large scale production of our cookies! That was a big win that we celebrated together with love. And it won’t be the last! There are many more wins to celebrations to come.”

So, when the sun goes down and the bottles of wine open, celebrate with us the moments that connect us all. Whether big or small, these celebrations mean the world to us. And we want to share them with you.

Savour the Moment